NFT Ticketing Platform Mobile App — UX/UI Case Study

Kevin Kwok
4 min readApr 3, 2024


In this digital age where memes are bought and sold for millions of dollars, welcome to the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These digital assets have revolutionized the way we perceive ownership in the virtual realm, from art to music and now, even tickets. In this case study I’ll be sharing about my process on designing an NFT-based ticketing platform.

About the Client

The client started building their company in 2022, a resale platform using
blockchain and immersive technology. Their mission is to pioneer NFT-ticketing for the future. They underwent a transformative leap from being an NFT tech company to a leading ticketing company focused on maximizing client revenue and enhancing customer purchase flexibility.

Why NFT-Ticketing?


NFTs bring unparalleled authenticity to ticketing, leveraging blockchain to ensure each ticket is unique and verified, curtailing counterfeit tickets, and enhancing trust & value in the ticketing ecosystem.


Offering seamless transferability between digital wallets, NFT tickets can be exchanged between users easily.


NFT tickets are also digital collectibles, adding sentimental and monetary value for the holder, which creates a unique market for collectors.

Fraud Reduction

Blockchain’s transparency significantly reduces the potential for fraud in ticket resale, ensuring a verifiable purchase history.

Loyalty Programs & Rewards

Integration potential with loyalty programs and other services opens new avenues for enhancing customer engagement.

The Project

The main tasks include coming up with a brand visual identity as well as designing the user flows for 2 specific features of the app; pre-order and bidding.


This feature allows vendors to offer tickets with a discounted price, allowing customers to claim ownership before the official release, which generates early interest and revenue for upcoming events, while providing committed attendees with assurance of ticket availability.


This feature allows users to place and monitor bids on tickets which engages users in a dynamic marketplace, enhancing the interactive aspect of ticket purchasing.

User Flow Diagrams

After reading the brief carefully, I came up with these 2 user flow diagrams for each feature.

Preorder User Flow
Bidding User Flow


After tweaking the user flows based on the client’s feedback, here are the wireframes I created for each flow.

Style Guide

Upon approval from the client, we moved onto high-fidelity designs. Since there were no existing brand guides to follow, I had to make one before working on the screens.

High-Fidelity Designs

Pre-Order Flow

Bidding Flow



Although I have worked on mobile app projects before, working on one in this niche was a new experience. I learnt a lot about the whole blockchain and NFT system, its benefits, how they work, how businesses utilize them, what edge does NFT provides them, etc. One takeaway from this is that crafting a brand style that reflects the company and their values well is just as important as building a great UX for the product itself.

Thanks for reading this far, feel free to checkout my portfolio and read my other projects.